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Sep 13, 2012
03:45 PM

School Lunch Solutions

How to pack school lunches to please the pickiest eater

School Lunch Solutions

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It’s that time of year—back to school for the kids, tweens, teens and beyond!

This year, I have a freshman and a junior and I have discovered it is no less challenging finding acceptable lunch options that cater to their individual tastes and dining preferences.

One of my daughters likes sandwiches, left-overs and a smorgasbord of crunchy snacks. The other likes fresh fruit and veggie finger snacks only—nothing requiring an eating utensil. Go figure.

My goal this year is to bridge the gap between the two without running a restaurant or purchasing two sets of groceries.

After several food-related discussions a couple of menu planning sessions we have come up with a tried and true strategy.  The question is whether or not can we stick to it!

Our plan is simple—on Sunday evenings we will “cook-off” several meals for the week and package them in single portion, to-go containers so everyone can make a selection and grab and go.

However, I do realize that this plan, though simple enough, will still require a great deal of planning and preparation in order to work well.

The first step is making a meal plan, preferably one that overlaps many ingredients. Once we go grocery shopping, we then cook-off 3-4 dishes that will store well in the fridge during the week. This is probably the trickiest aspect to me.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind...

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