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BLAC LIST: Best Salons To Get Braids and Twists

Metro Detroiters and hair professionals recommend these seven local beauty spots for everything from Box Braids to Havana Twists

Whether you have chemically treated or natural hair, you may be thinking about getting braids or twists to give your hair that much needed break in the summer months. Some of the hottest styles this season are the Senegalese Twists, Havana Twists and Box Braids, which were seen on Janet Jackson in the movie “Poetic Justice.” Don’t know where to go to get these popular styles? No problem. We asked BLAC Detroit readers and professionals to recommend the best salons to get braids or twists in the metro Detroit area.

Textures by Nefertiti

4147 Cass Ave., Detroit


This salon in the Cass Corridor is unique, according to Nefertiti herself, for its “intention on uplifting and elevating customers who come in.” Although this salon’s specialty is in natural hair styling and Locs, we’ve heard a great deal about their twists and braids. Some of the styles Textures by Nefertiti offer are Box Braids, Havana Twists, Cornrows and Two Strand Twists with natural hair or extensions. Textures by Nefertiti was mentioned multiple times by hair experts and BLAC Detroit readers.

My Sistahs and Me 24-Hour Hair Braiding

19001 Livernois Ave., Detroit


Yalonda Wynn runs this salon with her sister. Here, you can also get the Senegalese Twists, Box Braids, Ty-zillions, Kinky Twists and more. This shop is 24 hours, but you have to make an appointment as well as leave a deposit if you’re scheduling after 6 p.m. Wynn says they make their clients feel right at home at My Sistahs. This salon was recommended by a few of our BLAC Detroit readers.


22560 Telegraph Road, Southfield


Rodney Howell, owner of Hairshion, is known as Metro Detroit’s “Style Guy.” He’s also an interior designer who appeared on the HGTV Reality Show, "My House is Worth What?" But he’s not the one you will be seeing for braids. Dee, the loctician who is known at the salon as the King of Locs and Natural Hair, can give you Cornrows, Two Strand Twists, Fake Out Braids and Braided Updos.

First Lady Natural Hair and Braids Salon

10107 W. 7 Mile Road, Detroit


Hair expert Rodney Howell of Hairshion Salon also recommends this salon. Howell says when his clients want to switch their styles up, they go to First Lady Hair salon. Here, you can get it all: Ty-zillions, Kinky Twists, Senegalese Twists, Individual Braids, Nubian Twists and Box Braids.

Everette’s Natural Hair Care Salon

19894 Kelly Road, Harper Woods


Shelia Everette-Hale is the owner of Everette’s Natural Hair Care Salon. She says they do everything from Cornrows, Ty-zillions, Tree Braids, Senegalese Twists and more. Everette-Hale says, “everyone wants the Havana Twists. That’s been the most popular in the past month.” What makes this shop unique is the fact that it’s not only an appointment but an experience. “They get the whole world of holistic natural hair from our salon and our school (Everette's Natural Hair & Beauty School). We come from a holistic point of view, so our clients learn a lot,” says Everette-Hale. This shop was recommended by experts and BLAC Detroit readers.

Stylist Tesia Tillman at Swank Salon

29306 Northwestern Hwy., Southfield


Gwen Jimmere, hair care expert, recommends Tesia Tillman, a stylist at Swank Salon, for her unique braided Updos. Along with natural hair services, Tillman does basic Cornrows, Two Strand Twists and Braided Updos. Tillman says her braiding is unique because of her different braid designs and the ability to make the braids look natural.

Senegalese African Hair Braiding

10218 W. McNichols Road, Detroit


Ina Falconer of Detroit faithfully gets Ty-zillions at Senegalese African Hair Braider. Recently she decided to get Senegalese Twists. Falconer says she loves them. “I’ve been going there for six years. I keep going because they are nice and fast. I can’t stand being in a chair long getting my hair did,” Falconer says laughing. Senegalese African Hair Braiding offers a variety of twist and braid styles.

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Jun 22, 2013 12:07 pm
 Posted by  spennmedia

Awesome list! I'm definitely getting Havana twists soon

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Jun 23, 2013 10:24 pm
 Posted by  GreenNPurple

I've been looking for a good place to get braids for the summer. I think I'll try one of the natural experts. Thank you for this list. Love it.

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Jun 25, 2013 06:35 pm
 Posted by  charlottebrown

thanks for this opprotunity. thinking about getting some braids and didnt know where to start.

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Sep 8, 2013 09:38 am
 Posted by  sandra

Senegalese African Hair Braiding is the best hair salon ever. I've been coming to this place for about 7 years. Keep up the good work.

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May 2, 2014 12:25 pm
 Posted by  Tara

I went to My Sistahs and Me 24-Hour Hair Braiding Salon to get my braids done and the atmosphere was horrible. The girls were getting high, cussing and to make matters worse a mouse ran across the floor while I getting my hair done. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone EVER!!

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Jun 3, 2014 06:44 pm
 Posted by  cmebme

With the economy being so costly, it's been so hard for me to find a braider that is reasonably price with clean facilities and that what they are really doing so I'm going check theses places out will keep you all posted.

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Jun 29, 2014 05:47 pm
 Posted by  chan12

Great website

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May 18, 2018 12:22 pm
 Posted by  Olivia J.

My Sister's & Me Hair Braiding is the absolute best, my family has been going to them for years.. The atoms[here is professional and the stylist are so creative...If you want braids go to My sister's and me hair braiding...they are very reasonable.

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