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Last year, the GM Foundation gave the United Way of Southeastern Michigan a $27.1 million grant to create a Network of Excellence within seven Detroit-area high schools. The goal is to increase the graduation rate and prepare students for higher learning and advanced careers. Along the way, our experts have met some inspiring teachers, principals, mentors and parent volunteers. In a special series in BLAC Detroit magazine, we pay tribute to these School Superheroes. Come back each month to see the latest educational leader who is making a powerful difference in the lives of local students.

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February 2013
School Superhero

Christian Mueller

Christian Mueller knows each of the 450 students at Madison High School by name. “We have a real family feel at our school,” explains Mueller, who is Assistant Principal and the School Improvement Facilitator at the Madison Heights school. “It’s a suburban school with an urban feel.” Find our more about Mr. Mueller and how he's helping to improve Madison High School by watching his video profile on the left.