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Fabulous Fathers

Detroit dads who uphold their call of duty with dignity and distinction

Photos by Shawn Lee

B.L.A.C. asked our readers to tell us about great fathers in our community. After all, they don’t get much attention. They’re busy going to work, taking care of their homes and families.

You told us about fathers who play Barbie with their daughters, plant gardens in their backyards and lead grassroots organizations. You told us about the dads who teach Sunday school and mentor children after school.

They are out there teaching their children—and other people’s children—the Bible, to play basketball, soccer and football. They pick them up from school and take them out for ice cream treats.

So we celebrate all the fathers who don’t make headlines, the dads who are gentle giants in their homes—and the community.

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Jun 5, 2012 01:15 pm
 Posted by  amy jackson

I so enjoyed reading all of the wonderful comments about fathers. However, it would have been nicer, yet, if my granddaughter's comments about her dad could have been written - as well as comments about the many other father's - whose pictures were not used, but whose hearts would have been "lifted" by reading praises from their loved ones. My granddaughter would have been happy with a mere listing: Nia Masud for Godana B. Masud. Next year, would you consider such a task? We love your magazine! Amy Jackson, Detroit

Jun 5, 2012 06:43 pm
 Posted by  Mrs. Boothe

I am so Proud of My God fearing husband he is the father of 8 children that we are raising ranging in age from 23-5, My husband has 4 natural children 3 by me , but he has never treated my children or my adopted children anything less than his own. And that is why he is a Fabulous Father he also has helped me care for a child who is now a 13 year cancer survivor, and he made it possible for me to become a teacher and open up and build my daycare center- HE IS THE BOMB …..

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