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I find it a bit problematic that Michigan’s leadership was actively engaging in the buffs conversation, considering that an ugly history of segregation intertwined with poverty and crime in Detroit, particularly, contributes to the violence around buffs.


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Black artists

Creatives, Y’all All Right?

For Detroit’s artists, maintaining stability, sanity and inspiration is a special challenge right now.

PepsiCo Launches $7 Million COVID-19 Initiative for Communities of Color

The company has committed to helping Black and Latino communities in Detroit and around the country.

Trauma is Passed from One Generation to the Next, but so Too is Resilience

We have the spirit of survival in us; we will overcome.
Detroit Popcorn Company

Calls to Cancel Detroit Popcorn Co. Ring Across Social Media, Owner Responds

The popcorn shop's owner Evan Singer made a racist comment using an alias under a post on Facebook, and then played the victim.
Gretchen Whitmer

Big Gretch is Not Your Friend, She’s Your Governor

A cool nickname and a pair of photoshopped “buffs” are not a governor make.
The Medicine Mug

The Medicine Mug Gives a Nod and to Our Health Care Workers

Med student Zoë Indigo Smith designed this cute mug as a way to motivate health care workers.
film and TV

Black in Hollywood

Recent years have seen culture-conscious voices behind the scenes translate into a more authentic, fully realized representation of black life in front of the camera. Still, recognition for our achievements on screen continues to lag.