LeeAnne’s Luxury Bridal Boutique Proves You Don’t Have to Go Downtown for Upscale

This Grandmont-Rosedale shop offers everything from bridal gowns to mugs with a meaning.

Women step into a wedding gown and "turn into luxury." So says Lori Conerly, who opened LeeAnne's Luxury Bridal Boutique in the Gradmont-Rosedale neighborhood this past September. Along with bridal gowns and accessories, the shop offers special occasion and prom dresses. Find a mermaid-style gown with layered tulle, a jeweled tiara and specialized service, all in one spot.

Conerly says she wanted to create an "intimate, luxury feel in the Detroit market." Who says a neighborhood joint can't be fancy? And, like any neighborhood spot, LeeAnne's is dedicated to making every visitor feel at home. "Brides are usually nervous. Even the prettiest girls in the world are nervous to put on a dress for some reason," Conerly says.

The transformation that happens when a girl steps into a gown is what Conerly fell in love with. She says she's seen many a dress feel "meh" on the hanger then turn spectacular against the skin of the right wearer. She says, "You can tell it's their dress."


Conerly also believes it's a misconception that black people don't fall in love and get married – which fueled LeeAnne's Detroit Girls Get Married campaign. The shop sells T-shirts, mugs and bags emblazoned with "Detroit Girls Get Married" and "Black Love Exists" to remind you in case you forgot.