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Factors like environment, poor nutrition and access to transportation can significantly affect health.
E-cigarettes have been touted as a familiar way to deliver the nicotine that smokers crave and help them shake their addiction to traditional cigarettes – but how safe are they, really?
Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorder in America, and black women's anxiety tends to more chronic and the symptoms more intense.
Alzheimer's disease
Ascension Medical Group physician Jenese Reynolds-Gibbs, M.D. tells us what to look out for and how to support our loved ones.
Brilliant Detroit, Black Mothers' Breastfeeding Association and Evenflo Feeding team up for designated breastfeeding spaces for mom and baby.
Detroit Health Department
Immunizations are a key part of keeping a community healthy and the Detroit Health Department keeps families covered through their immunization program.
Detroit Health Department
Denise Fair accepted the role in early September and is already making strides to expand programming to keep every Detroiter healthy.
EEE virus
Spread by mosquitoes, the Eastern equine encephalitis, or EEE, virus has claimed the lives of four Michigan residents. Protect yourself and your family with this advice.
Fresh Rx
Authority Health's program connects health care providers with the food system.
weight loss
When it comes to losing weight, it’s not one-size-fits-all.
Life Juice
Owner Rhondell Love hopes to change the way Detroit consumes fruits and veggies.
Breastfeeding benefits mom and baby, but compared to the national average, fewer black women are even giving it a go.

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