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Jackie Wilson
The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce honors the late singer and Detroit native with its 2,672nd star.
Idlewild Music Festival
The weekend-long festival celebrates black music, culture and the historic Idlewild, Michigan.
DJ Rue
Erin Rue talks the love of music and finding her footing in a man's world.
Black Music Month
What else but music can as easily shake awake a party as it can those butterflies that fluttered for your first love? Then there are those songs that transcend the individual experience to reverberate within the whole of black culture.
music program
Applications are open for the Motown Musician Accelerator and gBETA Musictech programs, both offering hands-on coaching and skill-building with industry experts – and one comes with a $20,000 grant.
Marvin Gaye
As part of its 60th anniversary celebration, the museum has unveiled a knit cap, and military jacket and pants worn by the legendary Marvin Gaye.
Elvis, The Who, The Beatles and others have defined rock 'n' roll. In Detroit, the music scene is as vibrant as ever, and black women are at the forefront. But how can black rock escape the underground?
Blame Henry Ford's war on jazz. The automaker preferred "wholesome entertainment" as opposed to "monkey talk and jungle squeals."

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