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This gang of girls explores everything from Afro-Americana to the queer Caribbean experience to YouTube conspiracies.
Dominique Lenard
The entrepreneur and ex-wife of retired NBA shooting guard Voshon Lenard makes several cameos in season 8 of the hit VH1 reality show.
Halle Bailey
Desiree Cooper agrees with the trolls – Halle shouldn't play Ariel in Disney's remake of 'The Little Mermaid.' Because, honestly, why slum it?
Medical Mistrust
Will we even be believed when we complain of what ails us? Too few black doctors means that our cries of pain are often downplayed, if not outright ignored and, in turn, left improperly treated. We need more black people in white coats.
Detroit is the New Black
Owner Roslyn Karamoko recently unveiled a newly remodeled location and a new commitment to sustainable fashion.
Summer Entertainment
When you find yourself all farmers-marketed out and ready to trade the heat for some chill, enjoy our picks of easy summer reads, movies and TV shows.
organ donation
Of the roughly 113,000 people currently on the national organ transplant waiting list, nearly 30% of them are black.
negro league baseball
The exhibit running through September spotlights the unknown stars and behind-the-scenes champions of Negro League baseball.
Bee's Beauty Bar
The Southfield salon and spa is now double the size and offering new menu items like express massage and makeup application.
BLACs 20th Anniversary
Celebrating BLAC’s 20th anniversary and remembering what we and the culture were up to in 2003, plus at look back at our interview with the Kilpatrick family.
Hood Feminism
When the white, middle-class idea of women's rights just ain't seasoned enough.
It's intoxicatingly simple to make your own case of vino.

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