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The controversial Queen of Comedy chats with BLAC before she takes the stage in Detroit on Thursday, Jan. 23.
Mindfulness meditation
Proponents of mindfulness meditation claim benefits like reduced stress, self-awareness and even improved physical health. As we shuck 2019 and cozy up to a new year, is it time to revisit an ancient tradition?
E-cigarettes have been touted as a familiar way to deliver the nicotine that smokers crave and help them shake their addiction to traditional cigarettes – but how safe are they, really?
student loan debt
For many college students, student loan debt is a hard reality that can linger for years. Here’s how to plan for, and manage, paying for higher education.
home entertainment
Your home entertainment handbook.
watch night
Passivity isn’t going to cut it if things are to change in 2020.
We're unwrapping the hodgepodge of Christian, secular and pagan practices that we associate with Christmas, like why candy canes are shaped like, well, canes, and how Santa found residence at the North Pole.
holiday cocktails
These easy cocktails will guarantee a holly jolly and lit Christmas.
holiday gift guide
Stocking stuffers for every personality on your list.
BLAC anniversary throwback
Celebrating BLAC’s 20th anniversary and recalling what we and the culture were up to in 2014, plus replaying our sit-down with Trick Trick.
gift wrap
Discover your new favorite gift-wraps, perfect for the holiday or year 'round.
Microaggressions and feelings of exclusion when doing yoga in white spaces has got us bent out of space.

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